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Blitz Onboarding

We've been trading over-the-counter since 2013, and pool our liquidity from clients and partners in Bejing, Hong Kong & Tokyo. By actively networking with banks, exchanges and brokers, we aim to work closely with all counterparties to move value globally as fast as possible.
What you'll need:
- Passport
- Proof of address (Past 3 months)

Terms & Eligibility:
- Minimum order size of 250K USD/10M JPY/1M CNH.
- Currently supported: BCH, BTC, ETH, EOS.
- We do not custody assets on behalf of trading counterparties.
- Terms of Service:

Tips for successful KYC onboarding

Avoid glare and reflections from light sources
Use ambient and even lighting for uniformity
Avoid covering any details or identification
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